Biomechanical Assessment

How does a Podiatrist assess these problems?
When we arrange your initial consultation we allow for up to an hour's appointment to examine you in a relaxed environment where we have the time to diagnose and discuss your problems and treatment options.
We assess the specific area of dicomfortand pain. Then carry out a more detailed overview of the lower limb. We assess the following:

  • Alignment and position of the footand lower limb
  • Joint motion
  • Muscle action
  • View general posture
  • Analyse your walking pattern(Gait analysis focusing on the postion of the body and foot on ground contact i.e style of walking)
  • Computer gait analysis. Identifies the fast similtaneous motions that occur during walking,that are not visible during visual gait analysis.This form of gait analysis provides mathematical  measurements, to assist in the treatment plan as well as evaluating the efficacy of treatment. See Example
  • Level of activity of the patient i.e the biomechanical demands of the lower limb. The varied considerations relating to; occupation,footwear and sporting activity
  • Sports specific demands
  • Footwear.

This enables the podiatrist to provide a biomechanical sound treatment and
rehabilitation program and provide answers you need

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